Hacemos libros auténticos, libros-objeto, libros para sentir, tocar, ver y reconocer.

Libros para leer, para mirar, para dibujar y para aprender. Nos fijamos obsesivamente en los papeles, acabados, ritmos de lectura, texturas e interacciones. Queremos que los libros que producimos sean una experiencia sensorial e intelectual para quien se los encuentre.

We make authentic books, book­-object, books to feel, touch, see and recognize. Books to read, to look at, to draw and to learn. We care obsessively on papers, finishes, reading rhythms, textures and interactions. We want the books we produce to be a sensorial and intellectual experience for those who find them.


Nos especializamos en Diseño Editorial, creamos objetos impresos como experiencias para la vista, el tacto, el pensamiento y el sentimiento.

Hacemos libros, bitácoras para dibujantes, diseño editorial, asesorías editoriales
e impresos de todo tipo.

También nos gusta hacer exposiciones, concursos y talleres relacionados con el arte y la cultura a favor de la expresión.

we are VOLCÁN EDICIONES, a publishing house from Bogotá, Colombia which main concern is the Editorial Design. We create printed objects for the sight, touch, thought and feeling experiences.

We design sketch-books and journals, editorial design, publishing advice, and any kind of printed work. Our passion is to launch all our works with new publishing proposals, all the covers of our sketch-books and journals are illustrated and designed by South American artists.

Besides, we like to plan exhibitions, contests and workshops related to any type of art and expressions of culture.


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